Executive Flight

Over the years major companies have decided to use private jets instead of the usual commercial aircraft. This enable their CEO’s and executives to leave at a moments notice avoiding the hassles of a fighting the traffic if driving and beating the long lines, security checks, and delays involved when using major airlines. Even though commercial airlines offer First Class and Business Class seating and the options of Frequent Flyer and Presidential Club benefits, there’s no comparison to a company private jet.

Years ago it wasn’t unusual for large companies to own more than one Executive Flight. Some companies even owned their own fleet of jets. The use of the company jet was mainly to fly the executives from the main office, to plant locations and back again, in a quick and easy fashion. This saved time and eliminated the need to try and find a commercial airline that flew to remote locations.

Executive Flight

Use of the company’s jet was made available to all executives at their leisure. Because of this, the Executive Flight was not always used for business matters. As corporations grew in size and the use of the company jet became more in demand, business decided to review the economic function of the use of their company jet. Changes were made, aircraft fleets were sold, or downsized, and the use of air charter services were enlisted.

Today, while many companies have the means to purchase their own Executive Flight, chartering or leasing a jet proves to be another option for these business conglomerates. While owning your own jet shouts power and prosperity, companies have found by renting, leasing, or chartering a jet for business purposes many of their trips and business expenses, including the use of the aircraft, are tax deductible. When running a huge corporation and doing business wisely, every tax deduction counts.

Not only is the Executive Flight used for travel but also for a means to conduct business on. Meetings are held, presentations are made, and even parties are given. All while in the air. Time is of the essence and company jets offer non-traditional flight amenities. Executive Flight use has become invaluable to large and small corporations alike.

Overall the decision to buy or use a Executive Flight service depends strictly on the needs of the company. But if you were to ask a CEO their opinion, it would be “Company Private Jet” all the way.

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