Our Timetable

Commercial Projects
Between 2-4 calendar weeks
Fuel Efficiency Projects
Between 3-7 calendar weeks
(Customised solutions will determine the length of the assignment)


- Project commencement meeting;
- Initial project findings meeting;
- Final project findings meeting;
- Project findings report and action list;
- Project findings presentation.

Feel free to contact anyway AviBroker for any kind of Aviation consultancy at avicons@avibroker.com

Aviation Consulting

AviBroker, LLC offers expert consulting services on a select range of fields, ranging from commercial to operational efficiency.

The consulting services of AviBroker are customised to the exact requirements of each client airline, therefore assuring an optimised solution with significantly lower costs when compared to similar services from larger and complex consulting solution providers.

Areas of Expertise

- Comprehensive business plan preparation as well as adhoc route feasibility and fleet planning services;
- Expert strategy assessment covering commercial, financial and operational areas of the client airline;
- Cost Reduction analysis and strategies;
- Operational and fuel efficiency analysis and improvement strategies;
- Project management and implementation support services.

Benefits include

- Highest level of professional expertise through both internal and external subject matter specialists who are experts in their respective fields;
- Significantly lower costs for the client airline due to the lean and simplified structure of AviBroker;
- Customised support to fulfill the exact requirements of the client airline;
- Personalised and individual support to the client airline throughout the life cycle of the project.

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