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Why AviBroker

AviBroker is dedicated to professionalism and efficiency. We aim to get our clients the highest level of executive jet charter service available without having them deal with the trivial details of travel.
We make sure our passengers get the full benefit of their choice. No time is wasted. AviBroker will make your travel smooth and efficient. Let us personally handle every detail of your flight arrangements, including the most efficient scheduling and all catering and concierge needs.

Our specialized team using the best software in order to provide to our Client the necessary coordination for the services requested in the most excellent way!
We follow step-by-step all the movements of the aircraft used for the flight. From the release of the jet at the departure airport to the block at destination.

We know exactly the Network Situation (as delay, weather, etc) all over the Europe and MENA Region

We know exactly all the Real Time information of the Jet

We know exactly the actual position of the Jet

This is where AviBroker excels - services

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All flights are operated by Part 135 or 121 air Carriers or foreign equivalent.
All charter flight services are provided by federally licensed direct air carriers.
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