Aircraft for Immediate ACMI/Wet/Dry Lease/Sale

The following aircraft are available for immediate ACMI/Wet Lease, Dry Lease or Sale.
If you need any other aircraft or further info please contact AviBroker Sales Dept. at +39 (0)11 089 1417 or email us sales[at]

We DO NOT supply aircraft on Dry Lease and ACMI to the following Countries at this time:
Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Benin, Bhutan, Cambodia, Chad, Comoros, Cuba, DRC, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Myanmar, Nepal, Niger, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Senegal, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Syria.
We might consider requests from one of these Countries if not a start-up Airline.

We DO NOT supply any Aircraft for Sale to the following Countries at this time:
Iran, Mali, North Korea, Syria.

→ → We have a strict policy, so please have a look on our 'Key Points' in order to be able to offer the best solution BEFORE send any email.
We ONLY deal directly with End Users and/or Mandated Brokers.

Requests not complying with the following notes will not be taken into consideration!

Listing updated on July 1, 2021. Please contact us to request the actual availability.



Type of Lease





Airbus A320 2010 ACMI TBA USD $ 2.500/BH + USD $ 50/Staff Member LOPA: 180Y - EU OPS    
Airbus A320 TBA ACMI TBA USD $ 2.500/BH Diems included / LOPA: 180Y / EASA    
Airbus A320-200 1998 ACMI TBA Ask LOPA: 174Y  
Airbus A320-200 2001 ACMI TBA Ask LOPA: 174Y  
Airbus A320-214 1998 ACMI TBA Ask  
Airbus A320-232 2002 ACMI TBA Ask  
Airbus A321-231 2004 ACMI TBA Ask  
Airbus A330 1999 ACMI TBA USD $ 5,800/BH LOPA: 24C/242Y    
Airbus A340-200 TBA ACMI TBA USD $ 6,620/BH LOPA: 12F/24C/224Y    
Antonov AN-12 TBA ACMI 80 USD $ 740/BH    
Arbus A321 TBA ACMI TBA Ask    
ATR 42 TBA ACMI TBA EUR 1.500/BH    
ATR 72-200 TBA ACMI TBA EUR 1.700/BH    
Beechcraft B1900 TBA ACMI TBA Ask    
Beechjet 400A 2001 ACMI 40-80 USD $ 2.100/BH    
Boeing B727-200F TBA ACMI 200 USD $ 1,950/BH    
Boeing B727-2Q9 TBA ACMI TBA Ask Ops anywhere - Up to 25 tons    
Boeing B737-230A 1981 ACMI TBA USD $ 1.750/BH  
Boeing B737-300 1998 ACMI TBA Ask LOPA: 142Y  
Boeing B737-300 TBA ACMI TBA EUR 2.100/BH    
Boeing B737-400 1993/97 ACMI TBA Ask Specs O/R - 168Y, CFM, EASA  
Boeing B737-400F 1992 ACMI 250 USD $ 3.200/BH 21 Tons / Less MBHG -> higher price    
Boeing B737-500 TBA ACMI TBA Ask    
Boeing B737-800 2005 ACMI 300 USD $ 3.300/BH + USD $ 50/Staff Member 12 months contract. 6 minimum  
Boeing B737-800 TBA ACMI TBA USD $ 3.100/BH    
Boeing B747-200F TBA ACMI 200 USD $ 6,000/BH USD $ 5,050/BH 300MBHG    
Boeing B747-400 1993 ACMI TBA Ask    
Boeing B787-8 2014 ACMI TBA Ask    
British Aerospace BAE'F TBA ACMI 100 USD $ 3,030/BH + USD $ 75/Staff Member    
British Aerospace BAE'F TBA ACMI 100 USD $ 3,050/BH + USD $ 75/Staff Member    
Cessna Citation Sovereign 2007/08/09 ACMI TBA USD $ 2,900/BH    
Challenger 604 2002 ACMI TBA Ask Short/Long Term ACMI  
Challenger 850 TBA ACMI TBA Ask VIP 16Y Configuration    
Douglas DC-8-63F 1969 ACMI TBA Ask 50 tons max. paylod  
Embraer Legacy 600 2006 ACMI TBA Ask    
Fokker 100 1991/92 ACMI TBA Ask 3 units available    
Fokker 100 1992 ACMI TBA USD $ 2.000/BH LOPA: 109Y  
Fokker 100 1992 ACMI TBA USD $ 2.000/BH LOPA: 109Y  
Fokker 100 1994/95 ACMI 80 Ask LOPA: 8C 100Y - RRT 650-15    
Hawker H4000 TBA ACMI TBA Ask Also for Charter    
King Air C90B TBA ACMI TBA Ask Long Term ACMI    
MD-87 1990 ACMI TBA EUR 1.900/BH  
Sukhoi Superjet SSJ-100 2011/2017 ACMI 200 Ask OR    
Tupolev TU204 TBA ACMI TBA Ask    
YAK-42D TBA ACMI TBA Ask Cargo  
Airbus A319 2000 DRY LEASE TBA USD $ 158,000/Month    
Airbus A319 TBA DRY LEASE TBA USD $ 165,000/Month    
Airbus A320 1996/97 DRY LEASE TBA USD $ 160,000/Month + Maintenance Reserves    
Airbus A320 TBA DRY LEASE TBA USD $ 245,000/Month + Maintenance Reserves    
Airbus A321 TBA DRY LEASE TBA    
Airbus A330-200 2000 DRY LEASE TBA Ask Short Term - ACMI - LOPA: 302Y    
Airbus A330-300 1994 DRY LEASE TBA Ask Short Term - ACMI - LOPA: 12C/365Y    
Airbus A340-343 2000/2006 DRY LEASE TBA Ask LOPA: 18C/309Y    
Airbus A350 TBA DRY LEASE TBA    
Boeing B737-300 1993 DRY LEASE TBA USD $ 95,000/Month    
Boeing B737-300 1998 DRY LEASE TBA USD $ 91,500/Month    
Boeing B737-400 1994 DRY LEASE TBA USD $ 103,000/Month    
Boeing B737-800 TBA DRY LEASE TBA    
Boeing B757-200 TBA DRY LEASE TBA    
Boeing B777-200/300 TBA DRY LEASE TBA    
Boeing B787-8 TBA DRY LEASE TBA    
Bombardier Global Express 2003 DRY LEASE TBA USD $ 190.000/Month Available also on ACMI    
Cessna 414 Chancellor TBA DRY LEASE TBA Ask Available also on ACMI    
Cessna Caravan Super Cargo Master TBA DRY LEASE TBA USD $ 38,850 + USD $ 75/Maintenance Reserves    
L-410 UVP TBA DRY LEASE TBA Ask Available also on ACMI    
Airbus A318 VIP TBA SALE Ask Some options Avlb    
Airbus A319 VIP TBA SALE Ask Some options Avlb    
Airbus A319-100 2006 SALE USD $ 31.7M    
Airbus A319-112 2008/09 SALE USD $ 31.95M 2 Units Avlb    
Airbus A320-200 1990/95 SALE USD $ 6.2M to USD $ 7.2M Several Units Avlb    
Airbus A320-200 2000 SALE USD $ 20.65M Several Units Avlb    
Airbus A320-214 2005/06 SALE USD $ 32.5M Other Old Units Avlb with Low Prices    
Airbus A320-214 2013 SALE USD $ 46.65M As new!  
Airbus A320-214 2014 SALE USD $ 46.65M  
Airbus A320-232 1998 SALE USD $ 12.5M Several Units Avlb  
Airbus A320-232 2002 SALE USD $ 27.8M Several Units Avlb    
Airbus A321-200 2006 SALE USD $ 34M 4 Units Avlb    
Airbus A330-200 2008 SALE USD $ 85.5M    
Boeing B737-300 1990/95 SALE USD $ 4.15M to USD $ 11.95M    
Boeing B737-300 1996/98 SALE USD $ 13.6M to USD $ 18.15M    
Boeing B737-400/500/700 TBA SALE Ask Some options Avlb    
Boeing B737-800 2002/06 SALE USD $ 23.7M to USD $ 36M Several Units Avlb    
Boeing B737-800 2007 SALE USD $ 32.9M  
Boeing B737-800 2013 SALE USD $ 57.7M Several Units Avlb    
Citation CJ2 2002/04 SALE USD $ 2.8M    
Citation CJ3 2007 SALE USD $ 5.0M    
Citation Mustang 2008/09 SALE USD $ 2.3M Other Units with less prices    
Citation XLS 2005 SALE USD $ 5.4M    
Embraer ERJ170 2008/09 SALE USD $ 22.65M 4 Units Avlb    
Fokker 50 1988 SALE Ask Ask for Dry Lease  
Fokker 50 1988 SALE Ask Ask for Dry Lease  
Gulfstream G450 2008 SALE USD $ 26.5M    
Hawker 800 2000 SALE USD $ 4.0M    
Hawker 900 2012 SALE USD $ 9.9M    
Phenom 100 2009 SALE USD $ 3.35M    

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