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Aircraft Rental

The following aircraft are available for immediate Rental. Find all aircraft category as TurboProp, Light Jet, MidSize Jet, Heavy Jet and Helicopter.
If you need any other type of aircraft or further info please contact AviBroker Charter Dept. at +39 (0)11 089 1417 or email us enquire[at]







Boeing Business Jet Heavy Jet RENT  
Challenger 600 Heavy Jet RENT  
Challenger 601 Heavy Jet RENT  
Dornier 328 Heavy Jet RENT  
Embraer 145 Heavy Jet RENT  
Falcon 2000 Heavy Jet RENT  
Falcon 7X Heavy Jet RENT  
Falcon 900 Heavy Jet RENT  
Global Express Heavy Jet RENT  
Gulfstream G350 Heavy Jet RENT  
Gulfstream G550 Heavy Jet RENT  
Gulfstream GIII Heavy Jet RENT  
Gulfstream GIV Heavy Jet RENT  
Gulfstream GV Heavy Jet RENT  
Legacy 600 Heavy Jet RENT  
Lineage Heavy Jet RENT  
AW Grand Helicopter RENT  
AW-109 Helicopter RENT  
AW-119 Helicopter RENT  
AW-139 Helicopter RENT  
Bell 430 Helicopter RENT  
Bell Jet Ranger Helicopter RENT  
Bell Long Ranger Helicopter RENT  
Euro-Copter Helicopter RENT  
Beech Jet 400 Light Jet RENT  
Citation Bravo Light Jet RENT  
Citation CJ1 Light Jet RENT  
Citation CJ2 Light Jet RENT  
Citation CJ3 Light Jet RENT  
Citation Encore Light Jet RENT  
Citation II Light Jet RENT  
Citation Jet Light Jet RENT  
Citation Mustang Light Jet RENT  
Citation V/Ultra Light Jet RENT  
Eclipse 500 Light Jet RENT  
Falcon 10 Light Jet RENT  
Hawker 400 Light Jet RENT  
Lear 25 Light Jet RENT  
Lear 31 Light Jet RENT  
Lear 35 Light Jet RENT  
Lear 40 Light Jet RENT  
Lear 45 Light Jet RENT  
Phenom 100 Light Jet RENT  
Phenom 300 Light Jet RENT  
Premiere 1A Light Jet RENT  
Challenger 300 MidSize Jet RENT  
Citation Excel MidSize Jet RENT  
Citation III MidSize Jet RENT  
Citation Soverign MidSize Jet RENT  
Citation VI MidSize Jet RENT  
Citation VII MidSize Jet RENT  
Citation X MidSize Jet RENT  
Falcon 20 MidSize Jet RENT  
Falcon 50 MidSize Jet RENT  
Gulfstream G150 MidSize Jet RENT  
Gulfstream G200 MidSize Jet RENT  
Gulfstream GI MidSize Jet RENT  
Hawker 1000 MidSize Jet RENT  
Hawker 700 MidSize Jet RENT  
Hawker 750 MidSize Jet RENT  
Hawker 800 MidSize Jet RENT  
Hawker 850XP MidSize Jet RENT  
Hawker 900XP MidSize Jet RENT  
Lear 55 MidSize Jet RENT  
Lear 60 MidSize Jet RENT  
Sabreliner 60 MidSize Jet RENT  
Westwind MidSize Jet RENT  
Beech Commuter TurboProp RENT  
Beech King Air 200 TurboProp RENT  
Beech King Air 350 TurboProp RENT  
Beech King Air 90 TurboProp RENT  
Cessna 441 Conquest TurboProp RENT  
Cessna Caravan TurboProp RENT  
Cessna Conquest II TurboProp RENT  
Cheyenne TurboProp RENT  
ER120 Brasillia TurboProp RENT  
Jetstream 31 TurboProp RENT  
Merlin III TurboProp RENT  
P180 Avanti II TurboProp RENT  
Pilatus PC-12 TurboProp RENT  
Saab 340 TurboProp RENT  
TBM Socota TurboProp RENT  

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