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The first platform that connects Pilots and Flight Attendants to Companies or Private Users who need one or more on-call crew members

- Hire on-demand crew for single or multiple flights
- Find your perfect crew selected by your criteria (ex aircraft model)
- Planning your schedule

- Easy to find your crew in no time
- Save the fixed costs of a permanent crew

- find employers which give the opportunity to fligth your aircraft model
- increase your flight time
- fly when you can, where you want
- fix your minimum wage

Hire the best freelancer flight attendant on the market. Find an aircraft leasing in case you want to lease look to the list of aircrafts available for leasing, otherwise you can rent an aircraft. Instead if you are looking for aircraft sales you can give a look to the aircrafts for sale

Advantages for Our Users


AviBroker reaches thousands of Aircraft Companies or Private Owner which may be interested in your job. We send out live notifications with the job postings, so you are dramatically increasing your odds of finding qualified jobs.


AviBroker is free for you to list jobs. Aircraft Companies or Private Owner can also see your job listings with a free account, so the number of Pilots or Flight Attendant who are able to find your job listing is very high.



Entering a job and reaching thousands of Employers only take a few minutes to do. The form for a new listing is very straightforward, and the instant you list your vacant job listing, you will greatly expedite your search for qualified Pilots or Flight Attendant..